Truth or truth

Ok so when I say see u tomorrow I might also mean until I get bored. So today I was texting Maggie and Gracie two of my BFFs ( I got permission to use there name) and we played truth or truth since we couldn’t watch each other do humiliating dares. I chose truth of course and we all had to answer the same question. I’m just going to say my answers not there’s. I got asked what my most embarrassing moment was. 

    I was seven and I was at a summer camp and we went to the creek and I didn’t want to go in and go potty because I was a stupid seven year old and  I didn’t want to leave.of course I wet myself. But every one just thought I fell in luckily! 😄

    Then they asked who was my first crush.

      It was first grade and I don’t even know his name but he was a grade head of me sadly. I never even said a word to him. I now go to a different school so I’m never going too.💩

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my day and all that kind of stuff. Be sure to comment any questions u have for me. Bye and have a great day!


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