My experience with being locked in a mall

So I’m in Girl Scouts and we do tons of fun stuff. What we did yesterday was one of the best things ever. We where locked in a mall. So in the car (the ride was 2 hours) our leader told us how we where not going to do any shopping! We all blew up with madness! The rest of the ride some of us( not me I’m inocent) said mean stuff about her because they wanted to shop. But when we got there that was all we did mostly. There was a band and a singer performing ( the band: junior trash talkers. The singer: Mariah stra) they where both good but we only saw them when switching stores. It was fun I ended up spending a lot of money and I stayed up all night! My favorite part was walking by the pet store and seeing the cats in the window. My least favorite part was when one girl decided she wanted to play a game where she sings and we guess what she was singing. Well some other girls like me wanted to sing to. She said she would go “one more time” a lot of times. I never got my turn. This is the same girl whose mom went and she brought 60 dollars and spent it all then used her moms money. I personally don’t like her a lot but if by any chance you are reading this I’m so sorry! ( I’m a inocent little angle😇)over all I had a realy good time!


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