Don’t judge

why do some people say mean things. To be funny to be ” cool”. How does saying my freind is gay or saying that a freind can’t run make u cool. I’ve been called a coward because I burst into tears when I sing Infront of people. At least I tried. And my freind can’t choose how her mom is. Stop saying stuff! People are who people are. Yes I admit to agreeing to fit in. But that’s how the world works. People agree so they to are not the victims. Today I was called weird, that I was different. No, I am a perfectly normal person who doesn’t care what others say and I know how to stand up and speak my mind. Don’t judge before you know everything about that person.


2 thoughts on “Don’t judge”

  1. You sound like a smart and spunky young person. I think I would have wanted you for a friend when I was your age. I’ve spend a few minutes browsing your blog and know I’ll be back. Thanks for finding me and for reading so many of my posts.

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