The types of friends I have and there benefits.

I have many friends they all are different in many ways. Here are the benefits of the type of friends they are.

  • Younger one: mine is not younger but in a lower grade. They are your best friend some how you knew each other forever and are like sisters. The best part is she asks you questions and for advice.
  • The opposite: she is so close to you as a freind but you are complete opposites. You act different, you dress differently. You like Taylor swift and she cannot stand it when you and your other friend Bugs her by singing  Taylor swift songs.
  • The one who sings the songs with you: you guys like the same things and food and basically everything.
  • The copy cat: nomatter what you swear she’s just trying to one up you. She purposely does they same thing you do and when she isn’t able to do them she criticizes everything that you do. But your not sure so you stay friends


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