My lunch lady experience 

So our choir teacher just had a baby so we have a substitute. And the choir teacher also watches us at lunch. So  we had the substitute at lunch too. Our lunch tables are divided in sections so we don’t just all get in line to get food. My section had to be last and as soon as I got to get my lunch they ran out of meat less pizza. I am catholic and its lent on a Friday so I can’t eat meat. But the only other food they had was a bagel pepperoni pizza. I got it but took off the cheese and pepperoni so all That was left with was a bagel. Then when it was time to leave she called my section last too because the other section was talking and she thought it was us. So I was late for my next class. I seriously  wish that our old choir teacher was back.


Truth or truth

Ok so when I say see u tomorrow I might also mean until I get bored. So today I was texting Maggie and Gracie two of my BFFs ( I got permission to use there name) and we played truth or truth since we couldn’t watch each other do humiliating dares. I chose truth of course and we all had to answer the same question. I’m just going to say my answers not there’s. I got asked what my most embarrassing moment was. 

    I was seven and I was at a summer camp and we went to the creek and I didn’t want to go in and go potty because I was a stupid seven year old and  I didn’t want to leave.of course I wet myself. But every one just thought I fell in luckily! ­čśä

    Then they asked who was my first crush.

      It was first grade and I don’t even know his name but he was a grade head of me sadly. I never even said a word to him. I now go to a different school so I’m never going too.­čĺę

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my day and all that kind of stuff. Be sure to comment any questions u have for me. Bye and have a great day!

About me

i am starting this blog because I needed to keep track of everything and I hate just writing in a diary. I guess I should say some things about me. Here are my favorites!

  • Color: Pink
  • Animal: cat
  • Food: buffalo chicken wings 
  • Singer: Taylor swift

So some more cool facts about me

  • I hate bacon ( sorry for not being unamerican as some people say
  • i have two cats one named fancy diva and the other samoa.
  • I live for singing!

So that pretty much covers it  have a nice day! See you tomorrow.­čś║