Why bullying is the worst 

A few years ago I switched schools because I had no friends at all. This year 4 years later my one friend switched schools. He didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I found out from his friend telling me. At first I didn’t believe him but after the class he told me in a kid in my friends class told me again. I still wasn’t sure because his sister was i saw his sister ( my other friend) that day. So I then asked her. She told me that he was being bullied really bad and he had to switch schools. We are neighbors and we see each other’s every day but I still am upset. Him and his sister now started going to different schools because some kids where being rude.He is not gay and he can sing better than any of the kids who told him he can’t.  I am also made fun of because I’m his friend.  Maybe all you people being mean should stop!